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Re: West to East - Trans-Pacific to Japan

Not sure frankly that 10K is enough to outfit the boat. My 20 yr old boat had original sails, blown out for the most part, so there was $4g for a main and jib if you go dacron or equal. Replaced all the running rigging, 1G, altho it could have been done for a bit less with staset vs XLS extra. IF the cushions/covers are shot, that can be another 4-6G for these depending upon how many, style of foam etc. Altho this could be done once home per say too. If you need new standing rigging, figure another 2G or there abouts depending upon if you do it, another does it, pulling the mast etc.

Instruments if you need some can run upwards of another 3-5G depending upon type......

While some use these mythical 20-50% of the boat cost for refit etc, Talk at my marina and others, with older boats like I bought and you did, it is more like $1-3 per boat cost $. I'm into mine about 80K vs the 22K I paid for it. I've also done quite a bit of redoing to it, none was the dirt cheap upgrade either. I could have done it cheaper yes......then, the redo would not have been to how I want a boat to last me the next 10 yrs or so either. why do things twice, or not up to what you want etc.

Not sure on this, but if you can look up in a sticky, maybe in this area of the site, the Mahina list of offshore boats. While I am not going to say this is the ONLY list to work from, it has some thing He feels are good for offshore work. Look for the items that you do not have to fix per say, like the glassed in bulkheads, fixed bridge deck to the interior, how things are made per say. The other upgrades like electronics, sails, running rigging, tankage etc, are EASY in comparison to dealing with the basic boat that is not strong enough.



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