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Re: KISS-SSB grounding package review?

Hmmmm a little suspicious here on the system, in the Amateur Radio World (HAM) theres a 1001 companies selling a "counterpoise system" thats great for all bands. Ranging from wires, like this to artificial earths (really just a very large variable capacitor), it says it works from 2mhz to 28mhz, so the longest wire in there should be a 1/4 wave for 2mhz, so thats about 75 metres long........

Dont want to stir up a wasp nest here, but knowing HF as I do, at certain times, anything works, the QRP boys (low power, 5watts and less transmit power) work the world. A local one lives in a tiny house and even smaller garden and you wouldnt know he was a HAM because his antenna is in the house roof. His system a long wire for the antenna (like a boats backstay) and a series of 1/4 wave wires for a grounding. So a similar system, but his system uses speaker wire, total cost about $10.

As for the cutting to length if you want to know the wave length 300/frequency in Mhz i.e, 300/14mhz = 21mtrs or 300/28mhz = 10.7mtrs so all you need is a 1/4 of these lengths.

It will work and you will need an ATU (aerial tunning unit) but it will work, how well, how longs a piece of wire :-)

Good luck and I hope it works well for you all, if you have space theres plenty of HAM antennas out there which dont need a countrpoise, 6mtrs long they cover 2mhz - 50mhz with no ATU. I have just bought one and installed it on the stainless and yes it works fine. Is it perfect NO, could it be better, YES but it works but for now I have 2 systems, just incase one fails.

Still interested in hearing your oppionions of the system if you decide to buy and install one.

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