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Re: KISS-SSB grounding package review?

There's tons of controversy on this and other Boards re: the KISS-SSB radial ground system.

Lots of discordant views on antenna theory, whether or not it should work, whether or not you could build one yourself for less money, why it works, etc. Great for armchair theorists and do-it-yourselfers.

However, there's absolutely no doubt that:

1. it works well, as advertised, on all ham and marine bands;

2. it's very nicely constructed in a fashion suitable for the marine environment; and

3. it's incredibly easy to install.

I've installed a bunch of them on all kinds of boats, and have one on my own boat. I have three at the moment in my basement, and used one just this morning -- all coiled up and sitting on the cement floor -- to test an automatic tuner on the bench.

Every single installation has worked well, including one where the only room for it was a small footlocker, where it was coiled up under the shoes.

Are there other RF ground solutions? You bet, and I've written extensively about them and have tried just about everything imaginable over the past several decades.

However, for simplicity, ease of installation, and downright good performance I don't think you can go wrong with the KISS-SSB.

Disclosure #1
: I'm a dealer for the KISS.

Disclosure #2: The KISS is not a profit center for me. I carry them because I believe in them and find them to be a good solution for many of my clients.

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