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Re: Kitchen equipment.

When we had a 28'er I put in a stove with grill and oven. Took up space but I never regretted it. Did the same on the 34'er and sacrificed other storage space to allow for cooking implements - pots pans crockpots baking dishes and the like. BBQ is indispensible for hot weather. Reality is that having space for a better galley was a major reason for going larger.

Even on 42'er space is still limited to some extent though only compared to home kitchen but thoroughly agree with Jonesy that even on a smaller vessel planning is so important. That is of course if cooking good food is a priority.

It also depends on how long you spend on board. A couple of days and preparing at home for reheating can be a plus , alternatively plan on all those two potters we've discussed in the other thread.

Biggest mistake we've made previously was going for small size. The space saved is really not worth the pain of trying to cook in undersized kitchenware. Its annoying and messy though of course you are always limited to some extent by the smaller size of boat stoves. A frying pan e.g. that is too large to permit using the second burner is simply not a practical idea.

Again in the 28'er we made do with melamine tableware. Crockery was a luxury we could not afford but now we have both and it really is worth dealing with the storage hassles of breakable stuff.

One thing that is of immense help , and I note that Jonesy has done this on WJ is having one or two fold downs. Sure it can limit movement around the boat but having that extra bench space when you need it is a great boon.

We managed on our smaller boats and Jonesy has shown it in exemplary fashion on WJ. You can eat well on board, you just have to see it as a priority and do the planning.

btw ... I've just received a copy of the Cruising Chef Cookbook. It probably doesn't tell me a lot I didn't already know but for those of you who want to eat better on board and don't know where to begin, this is a fine place to start.

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