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Re: Respect in Posting

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
I dont have to search far a wide to find what I was talking about. You gave me one right away. This is an example. Think about it. You werent coming up with a nickname for me to flatter me....but to make fun of me. Maybe that gives you great pleasure to riducule others in public. Maybe that make you feel like a better sailor. Maybe you "need" to do it to make yourself feel superior.

This thread, its title, your indignation, and your post are the perfect illustration of the problem. Look at the example from me that you quoted regarding the nickname. Do you still really not know why I asked you that question? It was because of this:

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
If the moderators allow offensive remarks such as this and personal attacks by this poster and the other smug megaposter and dont reign this stuff in...but these mindless internet denizens who take great sport in making fun of others who post are getting old.
Now, take a deep breath and think this through. And I'd really like you to answer these questions.

Am I the "other smug megaposter"? Am I one of the "mindless internet denizens"? Who are you giving these derogatory nicknames to?

Is calling someone smug and mindless a show of the respect you demand? Isn't something like this "personal" and somewhat "attacky"?

The real issue is, you seem to have a double standard here.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
MY OPINION and thats all it is, is that behavior like this does not help entice others to post here or make Sailnet a place a newperson would want to join.
You're right. Double standards make a place pretty miserable.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Feel free to criticise my respect to others in my posts. Also remember when you do that I help organize meetings and get togethers of other Sailnetters here in the Chesapeake and have met many many posters in person. See, I dont hide behind my internet screen, I am fully engaged.

I try not to offend others ( I am not always successful and feel badly if I do), I do not feel I am an expert in sailing even with over 40 years experience racing and offshore sailing. I am only an "expert" in the culinary and restaurant field. Other opinions count and are important.
A couple more questions...are you saying I "hide behind my internet screen"? Are you saying I'm the one not "fully engaged" even though I had been involved the conversation on the tragedy both here and at SA long before you came into the thread and insisted we start yet another for your own reasons? Again, I'm trying to figure out if these "offensive" little missiles of yours are directed at me.

And remember, trotting out a resume of how many SNers you know, or how many meetings you organize, or how many years you've sailed, or whatever doesn't give you, me, or anyone else the right to practice a double standard in a forum.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
My statement concerning respect in the other post is what I feel is starting to happen in Sailnet, and I am not happy with the direction it is taking. To turn it into a referendum about my posts is nothing but a tactic of deflection.

Please show respect in your postings..we want others to join...not people walk away.
I don't know if you've noticed, but SN has actually been WAY calmer over the past couple of years than it was in the past. More importantly, it's grown substantially in traffic and reach over that time. AND, OT threads have tanked in favor of sailing threads.

Is this the direction you're not happy with?

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Talking about the community policing itself isnt the point here. Policeing yourselves is. Before I post here I always say to myself......would I say this in person face to face to the issue I am addressing or talking about. If not...I dont post it. Ridiculing a person for what they beleive in, their lack of experience in sailing, is NEVER a sign of respect in my book.
So we, the "smug megaposters" and "mindless internet denizens" need to police ourselves...but you don't?

As I said, respect goes both ways, Chef. Think about that.

(PS - You've still not shown me where I've "personally attacked" you or anyone else.)

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