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Re: Respect in Posting

Noble sentiment but it aint gonna happen.

If you're gonna post on an Internet forum, you're gonna have to deal with the Internet bullies. They're on every forum out there, not just SN. This posting etiquette issue is just a fact of participation in the medium.

These folks would never, ever say these things to your face. They know they'd get thumped, and do not have the strength of character to "man up".

When I read the posts of an Internet Bully, I just laugh inside. I envision a pathetic, fat, balding, middle aged guy who drives a mini-van, has a horribly controlling wife, makes no decisions, is always told what to do and how to do it, even his kids walk all over him, and out in public would never ever, under any circumstances, confront another man. In fact, he'd run away, quietly suffering the indignation of cowardice....until he gets home and can talk the smack on the forums.

Funny thing is, these folks actually believe they're anonymous. I don't care how many redirectors or "anonymizers" you use....TCP/IP packets must arrive and depart your location...and every packet can be opened, read and traced. Period. Another thing the IB's fail to grasp is that these forums are owned by large corporations...with deep pockets....and a legal staff ready to go after them.

I've seen this action happen. One guy was a serious troll. He'd post smack, get banned, and come back on a new account. He also had several sock puppets, who would always "agree" with his posts...that in and of itself is rather frightening...anyway, mods got sick of it and involved the server admins who identified the guy, and they turned the legal team on him. Problem went away and the forum admins were very vocal about identifying the guy and posting the legal proceedings (no details, just case #).

On another forum, one of the mods posted an IB's identity and physical address. Another poster posted a Google Maps link with a picture of his house. The IB started making threats of deadly force against anyone who came to his house....police got involved....attorneys got involved...then all posts vanished (from public view) and the mods posted requesting everyone stop talking about it, and any new posts would be deleted. Don't know how this one ended up but the dude never came back.'s an interesting medium to be sure....

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