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Re: Racing a C&C 29 MKII

I own and race a C&C 29 mkII (this is my thirteenth season with the boat.) The boat has a narrow waterline beam which will initially heel when hit with a puff but it stiffens up quickly when it approaches 15 degrees of heel. The boat will sail fast with slightly more heal than some other boats because of the narrow waterline beam. You'll hit your target numbers upwind with the boat heeling 25-27 degrees. Some people confuse low form stability with tenderness. The boat does need good sail inventory, a responsive crew and weight on the rail when sailing upwind in the conditions you describe. That pretty much describes all boats if you're looking for maximum performance. Try to flatten the main as much as possible by bending the mast using an adjustable backstay in conjunction with a baby stay adjuster. Flatten the foot with the outhaul or flattening reef if your sail is equipped with one. The baby stay on some C&C 29mkII's came with a 4:1 purchase adjuster. This amount of purchase is not nearly enough power to induce bend in the mast. It's fine for preventing the mast from pumping. I would suggest increasing the baby stay purchase power to 6:1 or 8:1. You should be able to flatten the main by putting 1.5" of bend in it. Move your genoa leads aft to twist the headsail and get more drive in the lumpy conditions you are probably sailing in when the wind is up. It's a masthead boat and most of the drive comes from the headsail. Reef the main before you reduce the size of the headsail or you'll lose forward drive/power when you need it most. The C&C 29 mkII is a solid, excellent performing boat and can easily handle the windy conditions you experienced. You just have to set the boat up for them.

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