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Re: Tips For Compound, Polish & Wax

Originally Posted by Lopezian View Post
For (heavily discounted) sale: complete package of buffing tools and materials as specified by Maine Sail. (No, this isn't your usual spam.)

Sailors and Fellow Gelcoat Polishers:

I've grossly overreached. Reading Maine Sail's description of restoring gelcoat, I was so enthusiastic I purchased online his recommended tools and materials to the letter.

When the Presta products arrived, before the Makita buffer, I worked over by hand a small patch in the cockpit with Presta Gel Coat Compound. Amazing. A blinding, glossy surface appeared. Hey, this will be a cinch, sez I to myself.

It was not to be.

Undertaking the project with a full bag of tools and supplies, I could NOT replicate my first euphoric success. The best I could do with Gel Coat Compound was a cleaner, brighter surface but still dull and flat.

What the hell?

Turns out the patch I worked on was almost new gelcoat, applied by the previous owner in repairing some damage, and was only very slightly oxidized. The rest of the boat was built in 1985, however, and apparently has had little done to it since.

What I've concluded now is discouraging. I'll have to start wet sanding, probably with 400 grit ( tried 600, and that hardly touched it), and on up in steps to 1000, the most abrasive sanding that Gel Coat Compound can smooth out.

Well, at 79 years of age I'm both too feeble and too saavy to go over the boat four times with wet-or-dry and then do 5 coats of compound, polish, glaze, and Collinite twice--as Maine Sail recommends.

I intend to farm out the job to a far younger, far more vigorous boat shiner at my local boatyard.

So I have for sale:
1 Makita 9227C, with both handles, carrying bag, and accessories
1 32oz bottle each of Presta Gel Coat Compound, Ultra Cutting Creme, and Chroma
1 3M Compounding Pad #05711, unused
1 3M Polishing Pad 05713, unused
1 3M Foam Polishing Pad #05725, unused
1 Makita Compounding Pad (used once and cleaned)
3 Makita Polishing Pads (unused)
1 can Collinite 885

I'm truly disappointed it's come to this. I was looking forward to a few pleasant days of working on the boat and a spectacular result. But not all the wet sanding, thanks.

$275 for the lot.


It sounds like you want to hire some detailing company/guy to do the job.

Have you considered instead to hire just some random person (high school student?) to do it, using the equipment you already have? This is not rocket science (I have done it so I know) and by having someone just providing the brawn using your equipment, rather than giving the job to someone who puts 'Yacht Detailer' on his or her shingle, may save you as much (or more) to pay for the equipment.

Just a thought.
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