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Re: Cuba in my sights

Canuck -- That was my response you qouted, and then you went out on a limb and said:

Originally Posted by canucksailorguy View Post
That post is a prime example of someone who has NO idea what he's talking about, has never been there, but has to sound off and waste our time in reading his remarks - all while contributing to the furtherance of myths and hyperbole that makes up the discussions of many Americans about Cuba.
Rule #1 - if you don't know what you're talking about - try listening to those who do.
In response I'll simply say that you are in fact wrong. I lived in Havana whether you care to believe it or not. Makes no difference to me. I also accept that you don't agree with me, and that's OK.

What does make a difference to me is that you have accused me of being a liar. That pisses me off.

Let's take a more critical look; you may want to get a mirror out for this next part.

My experiences as an American undoubtedly differed from yours as a Canadian. Since I was living there under diplomatic auspices, I am certain that I was subjected to closer scrutiny and attention than your average US Joe sneaking in in contravention of the US restrictions. We were restricted to the greater Havana area, and requests to go beyond that area were routinely denied. I can admit that my opinions may have been swayed by this constrained state and not fit every situation.

Having said that, you also cannot claim to know what it's like to be an American there. You admittedly have only arrived by boat, so you know nothing of the things that happen at customs and immigration checkpoints at the airports.

My assessment of the possible risks to Americans, arriving by boat and then exploring the hinterland, is based on admittedly a worst case situation (hence the term "possible.") It is, however, based on the outcome of a real event that happened when I was there and others before/since my time.

And as long as we're picking nits, I'll correct one of your earlier comments. Anyone trying to contact the US Interests Section at the Swiss Embassy is going to be disappointed -- it isn't there. This is a commonly held misconception that -- gasp -- "contributes to the furtherance of myths," which you seem to find objectionable.

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