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The wife and I decided to sail off our mooring one day. So figured a good direction with the wind and the location of my neighbors and backed the main to turn the boat. Had the boom close to full forward and the boat was turning nicely so I let go and off we went with my my wife was steering. I putzt around cleaning some dried bird crap on the deck and she calmly says I think we are good to hit that boat. I look up and say just turn up more your not even close to being close hauled, to which she responds she his all the way turned. I come back and realized the boom hasn't made it across centerline and realize the the top of the sail for some reason is wrap on the rigging. The sails like a sideways spinnaker, I frantically try to shake it out and then I realize there is too much load in it. Now I try to release the sheet, but it is knotted up and won't release. I have about 5 seconds to to think of something. Too little time to get the motor going. Well it is going to happen.

Luckily it is max beam to max beam and a glancing blow. Just a little rub rail impact (under 2 kts). I have been on race boats that have hit harder. Called the harbormaster, told them about the incident, and they said they would contact the owner on our behalf. The owner called us and left a message, we returned the call to the owner and explained the situation and that we would take care of any damage. He was very understanding. We talked again on the launch ride the next w/e and he said no issues with his boat, and if we didn't tell he wouldn't have noticed. Thought we were straight up for saying something.


Two days ago, I watched a 45+ ft. Mega stink pot, plow into a floating dock that had a 20 ft I/O Ski/speedboat attached to it. It was launched only a few minutes earlier. Guy hit it at about 6 kts and with such force that the entire dock spun about 90 deg. I think the 45+ ft boat clipped the mooring chain of the floating dock. Guy backed up or something to free himself, then looked at the dock and didn't see any apparent damage, and left the marina.

About 20 people saw this thing happen. I decided to walk up to the yard boss and say something. Yard boss said he saw it, but he thought he hit the dock only. I said he may have, but the dock is attached to the other boat and that was jerked around pretty hard. He called the other dock master (neighboring marina) and they went out to look at it. Guy hit the dock so hard that it ripped out a dock cleat. Damage to the docked boat was not fully known until it was hauled for peek. At least the offending boat was known as 20 people got it's name and hailing port.

What pissed me off was that boat the hit the dock had no intention of reporting it.

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