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Re: Cuba in my sights

Yes, your experiences would be vastly different given your circumstances in Havana, and most decidedly, you would have been under greater scrutiny - but why would you not be aware of how the rest of us non diplomatic folk are treated, i.e. as in being permitted to roam the country. What would lead you to presume that non-diplomatic types would be treated the same?
I didn't mean to infer that you were lying and I apologize for that - but I've seen so many nonsense responses on this topic, it's fairly easy to get my favourite exercise of jumping to conclusions by stating that someone has no idea what they're talking about. Porfin, had you made it clear you'd lived in Havana under diplomatic auspices, that would have led to an entirely different response because the facts would be subject to a different interpretation.
The story you mention - in your second last para - it would be interesting to hear the details of it. Also - I have not heard of, or been able to find on the internet - any tales of Americans losing their boats or experiencing serious problems with Cuba - Alan Gross being excepted for obvious reasons. I think there's one guy who seriously grounded his boat and lost it some years ago, but I've not been able to find details and I'm not even sure he was American. I've heard worse tales about Mexican marinas.
Finally, for the benefit of all - where IS the US Interests Section in Havana? I've never been, but the understanding of all is that it was in the Swiss embassy. Since you have greater knowledge of this aspect of the discussion, it would be beneficial to the discussion to have you weigh in on them.
As for what it's like to be an American there - other than those in circumstances such as yours, my understanding is that they are treated no differently than any other foreigner - other than perhaps a bit more friendly curiosity from the locals they meet.
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