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Re: Trying another tack... Looking for the right boat near Vancouver, BC.

Originally Posted by arf145 View Post
I totally get your position of trusting others. No doubt I would have done the same. While you may be right that little is to be gained by going after anyone, it sounds to me like your surveyor did a poor job.

But hopefully--and it sounds true--you've got a great boat! Judging by the dates, I guess she's got a 2GM20F? Not a bad thing to know you've got (or will have) a new mixing elbow on it. Do you know it's leaking oil, or is the evidence what's in the bilge? Because that stuff could be practically prehistoric.
In the 20 minute motor from the anchor in false creek to Granville island the clean white area under the engine down to the bilge got some nice big black oil streaks down it all the way to the bilge. Two owners ago posted a question about the mainshaft oil leak here on sailnet, elected not to fix, confirmed to me that he never fixed it. Previous owner apparently believed it was just spilled oil from filling each time, but when two people haven't fixed a known issue and visible evidence of it still occuring... I'd say it's still there.
Bearing in mind I ran her right at 1800 RPM the whole way, after a suitable warm up period following all the reccomendations for the motor, I'm annoyed.
Not stressed, but certainly pissed off. Taking the supposedly safe choice boat vs the boat you really wanted originally, and finding out the main factors in that decision were falsified(intentionally or not) leaving you at risk with less insurance as I'm thinking that unlike a brand new Yanmar a 16 year old one doesn't have a warranty... and when those factors are actually worse than the boat you really wanted, which would still have fit in the same slip it's not really conducive to a pleased buyer in any way shape or form!
I am tempted to recreate a truthful version of the ad. Some things I accepted as different from the ad like the amount of chain. I would total all the included stuff out at maybe 1000$ including the anchors, and that's being generous I think. She's still a pretty boat, but compared to a fully equipped, beautiful condition one with a large supply of spares, I didn't save enough to make it a great choice.

Even the damn hyperdry(breathing material for under mattreses) was installed wrong side up and grew mold.

I'm thinking a good clean tommorow on my day off, and a sunset in a hammock on deck will sort out my mood, but I'm not there yet!
Previous owner is back Wed night, we'll have a beer and a talk this weekend, I still have faith that he's a decent guy who made some mistakes, rather than a scammer.

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