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Re: Trying another tack... Looking for the right boat near Vancouver, BC.

hboy: in hindsight yes, I should have, but since I felt that I knew less about the sale, I let the buyer use a form bill of sale. If it weren't for the fact that I had saved a copy of the ad from the internet, I would have no recourse. However in my case it's clearly fraudulent misrepresentation, I'm still holding out hope that it wasn't intentional and the seller will come back with a reasonable price adjustment without me dragging him to court. He clearly dated each item, and confirmed verbally to me that it was all done last year, and that he had proof. I have gone through the ad line by line, where there isn't duplication, and there is a date, it is clearly wrong, the least wrong is the batteries, they are 2007 not 2011. Everything else is worse. From saturated and stinking hoses from the head, to the butchery of the V-berth woodwork during the "rebuild", the water under the cushions and moldy foam nothing is what it was supposed to be. The photographs the seller ended up using as examples of Antares before restoration clearly show the same engine, with the same alternator that concerned me! It even shows the same wiring connections that were supposedly a later addition! They actually showed a proper V-berth too.

I spent an entire day gutting the interior, even with a ful face respirator and nitrile gloves I've been feeling sick since, my on deck helper who was less exposed got sick at the same time too, symptoms all match too.

In future I will never trust a surveyor. Considering the premium price, and that the Alberg is very small for a 30'(21' at waterline, and 8.6' beam) I would tend to think the surveyor could at least have been thorough. I know it's not their job, but a simple advisory to walk away, like I've heard of other surveyors giving clients when they found indications of problems or neglect would have been so nice.
After the third "nobody could be this stupid" I would think it would be reasonable to caution a client. Like the holding tank vent tube being run only as far as the air intake dorade box.

In the first two hours yesterday I found so much neglect and so many red flags about this being a project boat that I never would have bought her, if I was a surveyor I would have advised a client immediately that it was likely a big project boat.

I didn't even have to get to the V-berth or head to find them, and considering the Alberg is effectively two settees a couple feet apart, with 2 rows of cupboards, there's not a lot to find wrong!

If I had one piece of advice it would be don't be afraid to really dig into the boat yourself, if the seller won't let you remove things to see underneath or look at anything could be causing a problem, walk away. It's ok to really dig into a boat, I know what to do next time. I was trusting too much in the expertise of an expensive paid expert, and a seller with more experience.
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