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Re: Docking stern in, strong crosswind

Had a big commercial salmon troller, had to back it in with strong side wind.
1 Came down the fairway, which was fairly wide, with the wind
2. Made a hard right turn putting the bow about half way into the wind
3. Let the wind catch the starboard side of the boat and start a drift
4. As the bow starts to blow downwind use hard right rudder and a short blast of power to kick the stern to port
5. Use short bit of reverse to kill forward motion, which wasn't too much
6. Repeat #4 until you are lined up with the slip
7. One final shot of reverse into the slip, then a shot of forward to stop the boat

It was kind of like "walking" it in, drift, kick the stern left, back a little and repeat. For whatever reason this boat didn't have a lot of propwalk if just short bursts of reverse were used. The primary function was to keep kicking the stern to the left to counter the bow drifting downwind. Worst fear was to let the bow blow back down too much, massive pucker time, no way to recover except to try to back out of the fairway against the wind. Not good.

Paul T
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