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I would like some follow-up on this thread. One expert tells us that junk rig is difficult to reef because the yard thrashes about during the process and the brails are difficult to gather in...Annie Hill and Hasler/Mcleod claim that reefing is easy, calm and can be done from the cockpit.

Is there a difference here due to the exact design of the sail? Hasler/Mcleod have a nice set of diagrams which purport to show the geometry of a junk sail as it it reefed, leading them to some specific conclusions about the overall geometry of the sail.

Can those of us who have reefed a junk in strong wind - ie lets say 35 knots plus, tell the rest of us of their experience - and tell us the name of the boat or some details of its rig to help us understand what shape of sail it was.

For those without access to Hasler and McLeod's "Practical Junk Rig", Annie Hill used their recommended shape, a parallelogram consisting of a boom and four (foremast) and five (mainmast) battens; this being topped by one angled batten at approx 45 degrees and the yard at 70 or 80 to the horizontal.

best wishes to all (for a calm, informative and open-hearted discussion)..
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