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Re: Aspect 40

Originally Posted by Mr W View Post
I can share with you some information about a swedish boat, that probably isnīt to famous around Europe. This is acutally not a brand new design, the prototype was built in 2007 and I think the first production boat was launched 2009. It is a bit of a contrast to the Pogos I would say. Here is the Aspect 40:

More info and pictures on Aspect40 (in swedish). Some quick specs:

Length 11,95 m
Beam 3,20 m
Depth 2,14 m
Weight 4,400 kg
Main 44 sqm
Jib 38 sqm
Code 0 88 sqm
A2 125 sqm

This is also a fast cruiser that I could consider. Itīs a shame it doesnīt come with a swing keel though

Mr W

I guess your are going to like this: The guys from Hamnen tested The Aspect 40 upwind against a 15 year old design, a boat that is a Pogo predecessor, in flat water with about 12K wind, this boat:

This is a Bergstrom & Ridder 38, also a Swedish boat and one well ahead of its time. The boat has a swing keel similar to the Pogo but the beam is more like the one on the JPK, in fact a bit less, with only 3.86m also with the beam brought back. This one has also water ballasts but they seem not have given them much use with this kind of wind.

Well, in flat water the boat with old sails had a similar performance as the bigger Aspect 40. I guess things would be different with waves but downwind the B&R 38 would smoke the Aspect 40.

This confirms my opinion that the balance to very narrow boats only give them advantages on some particular cases and that a medium beamy boat is an overall better performer even in what concerns racing with a crew.

The movie:

Here the test description and some photos of the boat interior:

B&R 38 vs Aspect 40

Bob Perry said already back in 1997 about this boat:

The new 38 is a visionary approach to cruising yacht design.

Bergstrom & Ridder 38



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