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Thanks for posting it. I did not found the boat dimensions I mean the ballast and weight. About the weight that’s what I was talking about on the Pogo regarding the weight being less than the one preview by the NA: Very difficult and it would be about the first time or almost.

This is a very light boat even considering that is quite naked in the interior. This is more the weight of a racing boat than one of a performance cruiser and like any top racing boat it is the type of boat that has to be checked after each race. Considering the 3300kg the boat has a ballast ratio inferior to the Pogo and substantially inferior to the JPK one. I guess that is why it has and need water ballast for stronger winds.

Regarding what you say concerning the beam at waterline, that is what I was talking about referring to a boat “Footprint”. That has nothing to do with Max beam but with the boat displacement. Obviously this one will be smaller because this boat weights substantially less than the JPK that weights more 2200kg. However it is good to remember that from those almost 1000kg are ballast.

The JPK will also have a narrow footprint (beam at water level) since it is a very light boat for a 38ft, I mean if we consider performance boats and not racers.

Regarding going downwind with 11K wind is to be expected similar results but with wind over 13/14 K I am pretty sure the B&R will be faster. With 11K the boats will not be able to plane. The B&R will need less wind than the Aspect 40 to plane, probably 2 or 3 knots less and that will make him much faster at that border.

With high winds the B&R will be more controllable and probably faster. As I have said the Aspect 40 will go faster upwind with waves. The race results in real time, assuming both boats are raced with the same level of competence, will depend on the wind and sea they get.

Off course we are talking about a 38ft boat against a 40ft boat : If the boats were the same size I am pretty sure the B&R would be faster and even like it is I still think that on most conditions the B&R will be faster however we will have to assume the same number of crew seating on the side of the boat, otherwise it will be kind of cheating.

I have said already that I think that it is time to have on IRC a penalty for the “dead weight” on the side of the boat. The rating of the boat should in my opinion be different depending on the crew number.



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