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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by Noordzee View Post
Hi Paulo,

The Comet 41 sure looks nice! and I see the resemblance on certain things, steel interiour frame, deep rudder, and overall lines of the hull. You'll have good fun and sailing on that one. Here in Holland we don't see too often a Comet.

I'm curious of what mods you proposed. I know that Salona is very eager to learn from experienced sailors to improve on the product (In contradiction to yards as Beneteau and others). Also I liked their flexibility in exchanging things for others within the package. Like I really wanted the Raymarine E7 plotter and not the Garmin one. They even asked me if I wanted extra 12V outlets in cabins, etc. Really stunning.

A four month trip! Wow, wish I had the time to do so.

Cheers, Eric
Yes, I wanted also that E7 also and not the standard version but one that would accept radar also. Not a problem with that or the other things. I talked directly with Nenad, the sales director that was more than eager to help and put me in contact with the design department for the more complicated things. I had posted already about that. I will make a resume:

About the Salona 38 and the modifications:

"I have been in contact with the guys from Salona for about a year, first about the 41 (that I charted for a week in the summer) and later about the 38. The 38 was released on the summer and I had the opportunity to sail the first boat in the water...

I loved it from the beginning and the boat has enough space for us, it is fast enough, easier to put and to take out of the marina and the sails are not as big as the ones on the 41, making an easier boat to sail solo, not to mention, a less expensive one.

Basically I had already decided it would be a Salona because between the affordable fast and light boats this is probably the stronger, with its stainless steel grid to take the keel and the shroud efforts and with with an optional all vinilester/epoxy hull. The boat has also waterproof bulkheads aft and at the bow, and because Salona is the only affordable production shipyard that will modify their boats to meet my needs in all that it is possible and that was really a lot

For example, I wanted a boat less pointed to cruising and racing, but more pointing to a fast cruising boat with offshore good qualities, a very stiff boat that could sail well upwind without having guys on the side.

Not that the boat has a bad stability. It has already a good Ballast/displacement ratio for this type of keel and draft and a comparative good one if compared with most cruising boats of this size, but I wanted more:

I wanted to substitute the keel they have in the boat by an heavier and better performance one, one that was not designed for the best results on handicap racing, but for pure performance and that without adding much weight would give me a more powerful boat, specially in bad weather with a better reserve stability and a better AVS.

Well, it is done and at a price I do not found prohibitive.

I wanted a nice pole for the geenaker. I have discussed with them several models and they have already showed the preliminary drawings to me: A carbon one, the type Grand Soleil and x yachts are using that incorporates the anchor and bow roller. A nice design.

Done, and again at an affordable price.

I did not like the stow away cockpit table that was heavy and not very stable (the same type as on the 41). I talked to them and they said that they were going to look at it.

They have send me the designs: Nicely designed.

I complained about the instruments that were, like all boats that are also used for race, too far away, over the cabin entry. They have showed to me the available pods in the market: All ugly. They have said they were going to look at it. They have sent me the preliminar drawings (I have posted them already), nicely designed and I have no doubts, they will be well made.

I could go on for a long time, from permanent jack lines to places to hook the harness passing by lateral handgrabs on the spraywood, to a removable textile stay, to a Spade instead of their standard anchor, to a custom transom pole to the radar and a special support to carry the dingy on the transom, the list would be long not to mention the many options they have to customize the boat.

I guess they do that with clients that ask them things that actually can improve the boat, they do that to cruisers and they do that for racers too, but in this case in what regards pure performance and a faster and more competitive boat."

As you can see it was a lot of things. Many you can see already on the 35: The spy pole, the table, the instrument pods, the type of keel and probably also on the more recent 38, at least as options.

Others were too particular or expensive to make as options to a boat like the heavier keel (about 260/300kg more).

With that keel "my" boat would still be lighter than your boat, in fact it would use on a 2.25m keel the same ballast your's have on a 2.00m keel. It would be lighter some 300 to 400kg (epoxy hull) and would be a lot stiffer in medium to heavy winds being faster and able to carry more sail on those conditions. In fact the ballast ratio would be closer to the one on the Xp 38 or Grand Soleil 39, boats that have the name type of hulls. All that of course would come with a price making it more expensive but even so a lot less expensive than other boats with similar specifications.



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