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Re: Quiet your Honda 2000

Originally Posted by LarryandSusanMacDonald View Post
Jon Eisburg said:

I don't know what you were hearing - the Honda is very quiet when heard from another boat. We had a guy rafted up to us here in Vero Beach mooring field, and when his ran we didn't even notice it. Maybe you heard one that was out of tune or a different brand? It's only the vibration when it is setting on the deck that transfers below which we find objectionable. Hoisting it off the deck solves that.
I have a Honda 1000 as a backup, and you're right, it IS very quiet... However, it is by no means silent (grin)... In a place like the Vero Beach mooring field, the noise of one nearby may not be objectionable or noticeable, as there is a considerable amount of ambient "white noise" about, being moored in close proximity to a bridge with a fair amount of traffic. etc... But on an absolutely still summer's evening in a place like The Basin on the coast of Maine, trust me - one of those generators can be heard from a long way off...

My original comments were more in jest than anything, I certainly don't intend to come across as some sort of generator Nazi... I've long ago accepted that many cruisers apparently require such a supplement to their electrical demands, and the majority out there are obviously trying to be courteous in their use of them... Still, it's disappointing to see their popularity ever increasing in a place like Maine, where the infestation invariably seems to have been brought there on visiting boats "from away"...

Back in January, I and many others had a stay in Ft. Lauderdale's Lake Sylvia spoiled by a Canadian cruiser who ran a generator on his aft deck virtually all day, and well into the night... It wasn't a Honda, but rather a larger 3000 W open style, like something you'd pick up from Harbor Freight... The racket that thing made was unbelievable, it was like being at a construction site. Frankly, I was amazed that none of the shoreside residents called the police. The guys lack of courtesy, or sense of where he was - given the tenuous state of anchoring rights in precisely such a location in Florida today - was appalling... The complaints from a number of others anchored registered not at all, he simply insisted he needed to be running the damn thing, and a bit of a spontaneous celebration erupted when he finally moved on one morning...

The worst smell-of-their-own-farts offenders, however, are those who fire up their engine or generator, then conveniently choose that time to jump in their dinghy to go ashore... Those people should just be shot... (grin)
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