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Building a New battery system, need ALOT of help

For the last 2 years have been reading and trying to figure out what when where and why to do with the batery system. I am more confused now than when i started to read up on it. Last night could not start, batts were dead. So i jumped off from house bank with jumper cables and got it running after a hour or so looking for cables, moving stuff out the way, i was so aggrivated i was ready to throw the hole boat over board!!!!!

Here are a few questions that i would like to start with, I know I have asked in the past, but was more opt to do what i wanted, and take the cheap route out,,, but after last night, I WANT IT DONE RIGHT!!!!!!

What i have, and will keep....
Interstate deep cycle Starter battery,,, less than a year old. \
70 amp alternator

What i have and would like to use if i can as house bank
agm battery, not sure of the age, or size, but less say 4 yrs old.
auto zone cheap battery, same age?

The house bank is mid ship under table, the starter battery in engine compartment about 12 feet from house bank, and two feet from motor.

With all that said,,, Please help me get started.

1. Do i need to keep the house bank and starter bank totaly seperate,,, I was told that some of the electronics are sensitive to amp drop during start?? I also read that you could use an echo charger that would split the alt. to send most of the juice to house bank, and some to starter bank... But would this cause the electronics{gps, radios, auto pilots, wind gages etc} to act up or get fried when you start the motor.

2. Is using two mixed matched batteries as house bank a bad idea????
Do i add one new agm to an older agm, or would two new batteries be better??

3. The start battery is wet, Can the house battery be agm, or should they match. I was told you cant charge different style batteries with same charger. What i do now is the alt is only hooked up to starter battery, and a two amp trickle charger to two miss matched house battiers.

4. If i use an echo charger, does the new battery charger still see two banks, or just one.

5. Does the alternator and echo charger both hook to to echo charger, or do I need to hook up alternator to echo, and shore power charger be a two bank system?

Most of my sailing is just a couple of hours,, but gearring up for more. I do have a budget, but this hosh posh stuff i am doing now is killing me...
Thanks for any and all input,,,,
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