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Re: Food Suggestions

Canned foods for and against:

Pro: Open can(s), remove label, sit cans in a pan in an inch of water, cover and heat. Eat out of the can(s), use clean hot water in the pan for washing up. Quick and easy for single hander. Washed cans make good baking pans for muffins, small cakes and until they rust are good for sorting, saving parts when you're disassembling something. Convenient, no waste, easy to fit into provisioning plan. Fully cooked. Require little fuel and, in a pinch, can be eaten cold.
Con: most are all-around nutritional duds and most contain too much salt. Cans rust and, if wet, lose labels. Use grease pencils to label; coat with goo such as Compound L. Messy. If they have aluminum pull-tops a drop of salt water can break the seal. Most new cans open on one end, which means you cannot remove both ends and stomp to flatten. Bulky to stow when full or empty. Ready-to-eat soups easy but you're carrying a lot of water in space that could be used for food.
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