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After days, the bilge is still dry as a bone! Now that's what I'm talkin about!! On the yard after 45 years this boat's bottom was very sound, no delamination, just solid and strong topsides and hull, the thickness of the fiberglass used is impressive, I have heard morgans are built like a tank, it is true. the inner lining of the cabin is beautiful - sure it is 45 years old, there is your typical wear from owners who failed to maintain her but with just a little cleaning spray and a rag years of built up grime just wipes away, and with a little wax I am able to see some of her former glory come back. I knew the quality of morgan yachts which is why I wanted another. There is a lot of work ahead but with a sound hull, rigging, and sails the boat can and will be brought back. I just completed work to my satisfaction on my 1972 O'Day Mariner except for painting but she is still remarkably sound 40 years later took her out with my son - I still have it like riding a bike with no engine, failed to realize just how low the tide was and did not realize how Katrina had changed the depth of the bay in a boat that has a 10" draft with the board up at one point I had to raise the rudder and skull to make way over the shallow areas as I listened to the boat scraping along the muddy bottom at 8pm. Makes me worry about my 32" in the morgan as I remember sailing more or less care free around the bay in December standing on the bow with the tiller tied off in a bathing suit with my shirt off in my mid twenties gee now in my mid 50's! I need maintenance too, grecian formula, watching the calories, walking and jogging, balanced diet. I plan to replace the broken teak cleats with black nylon a couple are inside the coaming and beyond the bulkhead of the sail locker very difficult to reach. I am also worried about replacing the hand rails as they must be bolted on yet the cabin liner covers them - I would hate to have to drill holes in the overhead liner, but If I must I must as the hand rails are literally worn down and thin from owners who must have sanded them repeatedly. I am thinking about teak vs mahogany vs oak. I know teak is the number one choice wood as it is naturally oily, weathers well and is beautiful with an occasional cleaning and oiling in a natural finish but extremely expensive more so than it was even in the early 80's. the toe rail is also going to be a job there must be a hundred stainless screws and bolts per side. Well, this is a project boat, largely therapy and nostalgia as my heart is heavy with sadness over my wife's mental deterioration early alzheimer's that has moved into the advanced stage. Sometimes my thoughts are to end it I am worn and tired, there will be sorrow and loneliness, but my sons rely on me, my wife relies on me, so would never do that very irresponsible and selfish - cowardly, I will live through this, it will be hard but I will have a life left to live when it is over God Willing and we will meet in heaven some day.... I am not sure I could find another partner in the future it will take time beyond her passing, which is still perhaps 3 years off more or less? It is hard when she is yelling at me as I am helping her but she is not in her right mind and cannot help it - so frustrating.....tiring. God has set his canon against self slaughter - so shakespearian. But that is life God did not promise we would always have a life of ease but there is joy in his faithfulness to us at all times spiritually holding our hand along the way.

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