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Re: Additives ( a discussion)

If you search on gasoline, that simple fuel is a witches' brew of about 60 chemicals. I expect diesel is less complicated--but there's still plenty of room for the refineries to brew up each batch, each brand, differently. Stuff that would give it better longevity is a waste of money in road fuel, which is usually targeted at a 60-90 day life.
So, some extra bucks for extra ingredients? Yeah, there's something to that. The folks who get religious about adding biocide (usually after a fuel failure and a thorough cleanout) usually don't have that problem again.
I've used Stabilant in a gasoline engine laid up for a year--and it hummed. Whether these things are all overpriced is a whole other question, some of them are 99% base stock and damned little else, you've got to wonder what the "else" really should sell for.

But if you burn your fuel quickly, and have no problems, and your filters aren't pulling out lots of critters...good clean fuel might be all you need.
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