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Re: Is it normal for the drive shaft to move in an out by half an inch??

Originally Posted by justonemoreproject View Post
I replaced the pulley on my driveshaft with a larger one so my alternator would spin faster at low RPMs. During the process, I noticed that my driveshaft moves in and out about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. is that OK or should it not do that? I wonder if I caused it to do that when I was trying to pry the old pulley off with a screw driver? I am guessing I put about 50 pounds of pressure on it. I finally gave up, got a wheel puller and removed it.

When I first started the engine with the new pulley. I noticed that it was rubbing on the engine slightly, but i was able to stop that by pulling the drive shaft away from the engine. I am concerned that it might move back again, so I re-set the pulley on the drive shaft 1/4 of an inch further away from the engine.
Should I be concerned about the movement in the drive shaft and if so, what can I do about it?

Thanks for your help.

That seems like a whole lot of end play. It appears that the wrist pin is keeping the crankshaft somewhat in place? Whatever thrust bearing arrangement it had appears to be basically gone. Did it have this much play before you pried on the pully? if not you may have damaged whatever was in place originally. If it had that much play to begin with it appears the engine may tolerate it? Suggest you watch it while under power to see if it is moving back and forth. If it stays put you may be lucky enough to let it be. Possibly, excessive movement could result in sudden piston, wrist pin, or rod failure, not good.

Paul T
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