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Hooley Dooley it this boyo a tosser or what ? I'm reckoning that the 420 reference is to dope cos the young pup is suffering from an obvious case of smokers paranoia. You call that bullying 420 ? Jaysus , wait until the mongol hoards from the fight club latch onto you. You'll wish you had stayed on your mother's tit. You are a but a baiter son, a master baiter at that.

ps - 18 footers are a breed of working man's skiff originating on Sydney Harbour where they evolved from the 22 footers which were boats for real men. Enormous sail area, one race supposedly being settled when a rival skipper took an axe to the rigging of his opposition when they collided at a mark. This was eons ago, the class began in the eighteen nineties. The skiffs were crewed by the professional sailors who crewed the rich man's yachts and wanted to let off some steam after hours. Refined over the years into a carbon fibre and kevlar rocket ship. They were reputably the worlds fastest skiff but I'd reckon something must have usurped their position by now. The Olympic 49er is a scaled down 18 but with only a two man crew. The 18s normally run three I think but in the old days, many more. Totally spectacular to watch, they yield to nothing and no one, I nearly wore one a couple of weeks ago when I took my eyes off the fleet for a second or two. Also available in 12 and 16 foot versions but the 18 is the gun.
http://www.australianheritagefleet.c...Bt/NSmlBt.html Shows a picture of a 1920s 18 in full flight. Note the size of the crew, the boom and the bowsprit. After a few years in the doldrums, last year saw a resurgence. Many of Australia's best sailors cut their teeth in the 18s including Ben Lexcen and Ian Murray of America's Cup fame.

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.

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