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Re: Traditional Navigation

Originally Posted by Cherp View Post
I think I will learn this too, just as soon as I finish chipping the stone tools i need to skin the beaver I clubbed to death earlier today for dinner.
I reckon your saying "why learn to navigate when we have gadgets to do it for you"? Do you realize how fragile your electronics are to moisture, movement, and how many people have to get out of bed in the morning to make sure all those systems stay up and running? I can only immagine how lonely it must feel to be out there, have your systems fail and not know where you are. First they invented the engine and people who couldn't sail went to sea, then they inveted radio and people who couldn't navigate went to sea. What we have now is a whole bunch of people on the sea who really should'nt be out there...... Oh, and boil that beaver first or it will be too chewy to masticate.
" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"
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