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epoxy barrier coat sun exposure how long is too long?

Hello all

My boat has an epoxy barrier coat that was applied 10-12 years ago. The boat is out of the water for the summer and I want to tackle several projects including sanding off the anti-fouling paint. I also have a minor blister problem that needs to be addressed as well as several thru hull's that have been removed and need to be glassed over. I would like to remove the anti-fouling paint this summer and not apply the new paint until several days before drop in next spring. My concern is that if I remove the anti-fouling paint now the epoxy barrier coat will be exposed to the sun and yellow over the summer. Is this a concern?

Most of my blisters are between the epoxy barrier coat and the hull, so by removing the anti-fouling paint now I hope to find other potential problems and fix them. Area's where the epoxy is not adhering to the hull.

Good, bad or other wise I thought I might sand off the anti-fouling paint now and fix the problem areas. To "protect" the epoxy barrier coat I would paint latex house paint over the hull after all repairs are done. The logic being that it would prevent the epoxy from yellowing and would be much easier to sand off in the spring. A good idea or not so much?

My problem is that I live in Canada and to wait until spring to remove the anti-fouling paint can be an issue. Doing this before April is not a possibility and April can be a tough month to get work done. Again the thought being that removing a single coat of latex paint in April will be much easier that removing 10 years worth of anti-fouling paint.

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