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Re: epoxy barrier coat sun exposure how long is too long?

Hello all, thanks for the replies.

I am of two minds right now.
1) Sand down just the blisters and remove the anti-fouling paint.
If I do this I don't want to tarp off the hull as I want the sanded blisters to be exposed to the sun and wind to help the drying process.
So perhaps I sand down the blisters, let them dry for the summer and remove the anti-fouling paint late into the fall. Then tarp the hull.

2) Remove all of the existing barrier coat and start from scratch.
I am leaning in this direction. My only concern is that it is going to be a mother of a job containing the dust I mean. I have been doing some sanding over the last several nights, both with a palm sander and a grinder with a flap disk. The palm sander isn't up to the job(full barrier coat removal) where as the grinder is. My concern with the grinder is dust collection. So I guess I tarp off the full boat and spend a few days grinding.

Any thoughts on a power tool up to a full hull sanding that also has a reasonable amount of dust collection? Regardless of the hp I don't see a orbital sander up to the task. But I am open to being corrected on this.


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