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Re: share with me, your words of wisdom

I say go for it.

You get to decide how it is going to be. Living on a boat (or in an RV, or tent, or ...) can be anything from sleeping in the rain with a tarp over you while you eat cat food out of the can, up to your own helicopter pad and personal chef, it is all up to you. Do you like to camp ? Most of us like to camp, for a day, or two days, or three, but do you REALLY like to camp, week in, week out ? Most people who go camping go at it by charging up first and then go along for a few days until they are depleted, and then they need to "get back to their real life" to recharge, get a hot shower, "real food", etc, before doing it again. It's a real trick to make it sustainable enough that you don't get into a cycle like that, can you live on a boat for a day, then another day, and a week, two weeks, a month, two months ? How often will you want to "give up" and go spend a bunch of money on a big dinner, or stay in a hotel because you just "need a day or two away from the boat" ? Are you just going to be using the boat as a place to stay out of the rain while spending the rest of your time having a social life out in the world (Key West ?), or are you going to be on the boat all the time, saving your pennies ? A boat can be a lot like a tent, a place to stay out of the rain, and if that is all it is then it is incredibly inexpensive - you can basically just camp, use a camp stove, eat camp type of food, etc, but is that sustainable ?

Most things about life like this are on a continuum, just pick anything, let's say having bread to eat at your meals as an example. You can work a job and make money and buy good bread to eat, easy, but its money. You can work a job and make money and buy cheap bread to eat, easy, costs less, but is it sustainable ? You can spend time riding your bicycle to a bargain bread store, you know the ones that sell bread that's just a little bit too old, a little stale, but it still makes good toast, cheaper still, but now you're making time to ride your bike to the store, a little less convenient. You can skip the store bought bread altogether and buy flour, yeast, etc, and make your own bread in the pressure cooker, or learn to bake it, even cheaper, but you have to actually make it. You can buy wheat, mill it to make your own flour, make a sour dough starter, and bake your bread on shore with wood you gather, and that's so inexpensive that approximately 25$us will buy you a 50lb bag of wheat, enough to eat great tasting bread for months, but it ain't easy! You get to decide just how much inconvenience you can stand, how much comfort you need, how hard you want to work to live the life you want, how much money you are going to spend, etc, it is all you!

What are you pretending not to know ?

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