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Re: How did you get your start in sailing?

well....we had a friend who kept a Goman Express 20 in a slip at Lake Ray Hubbard. They did not have time to get much use out of it, so they loaned us their key to the marina, which is fabulous, by the way.
I had never actually been on any kind of boat, I just thought the sailboats were so beautiful, and would spend hours just watching them off the balcony of our lake front town home.
Unlike so many things that appear beautiful until you actually get familiar with them. Sailing was so much more amazing than I ever thought it would be.
We were able to use "Fast Dancer" for four years, until the owner decided to pull her out and sell her. We had already decided that we needed a much bigger boat, as we have often been chuckled at and told that we looked like a refugee boat.
As we got ready to say our last good-bye to our beloved little first experience, we instead,bought her, knowing that she is not what we need to accommodate our large family and opportunistic friends. (which we happen to be some of and appreciate the art thereof)
There is probably a share time among the other owners in the marina with video and pictures of some of our greatest stupid moments, such as in our first year when we would have the whole lake to ourselves, feeling very much as though we held some great secret, only to discover after a bit of education and experience that we are lucky we did not end up at the bottom of Lake Ray Hubbard. I shudder now as I think of the blissful ignorance of 25-30 mph wind, gusting higher, when now anything above 15 causes me to reef so I don't spill my beer. I had no idea what a reef was, or the concept of reducing sail. We just assumed all those sails were meant to be used and the big ones must be better!
I tend to be super optimistic (naive and ignorant) and figure if people have been doing it forever, how hard can it be? Obviously the more we learned, the more we realized just how ignorant we were and have since, began to try to educate ourselves. I did say that was the first year, right? There are so many other stupid moments that I am much too embarrassed to share for now.
We were going to keep her in the slip at Ray Hubbard, but Tim, the husband will be working in South Texas for the next year, so we are taking her with us. I am so glad that we have this little bit of experience behind us. I am quite sure that my optimism would have lead us to a nasty situation down there in The Gulf. I can hear myself saying things like; "Don't worry Tim, Earnest shakelton crossed the ocean in twenty foot boats on his journey to Elephant Island! We got this!"
Fortunately, I am over this portion of my sailing life as we begin more of our education in the bay with our little boat, until we buy the "big boat" and begin our light cruising to somewhere very close and non-intimidating.
Right now, she is sitting in the yard on her trailer waiting for me to finish sanding all the "Surprise", endless blisters she has before I can get her bottom in shape for the bay. Oh and we are thinking we might get a VHF, some real lights(Not the clamp on ones we have been using, new lines, safety equipment, a depth meter, a new motor that doesn't die, (although I have gotten totally great at working on it in the middle of the lake when stranded) and on and on......yep she needs one of everything, but how could we have resisted buying her? .......she has great cushions
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