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Re: Escape Rumba Help

Originally Posted by svHyLyte View Post

The best thing about the Rumba is the fact that you can reef the sail if the winds get snotty or when you dump the boat (you will). We sailed a Sunfish as teenagers and it was a great boat but it did not have the performance of the Rumba which is more akin to a Laser. I bought my Rumba--two actually--from a hotel that used to rent them and then decided that they'd had too many problems with tourists getting stuck down wind of the place and calling for assistance. The boats were pretty beat up and took some fixing but when that was done I was able to sell one for the cost of both plus repairs and so got ours for the value of the repair labor. We towed ours around on vacations with the kids for several years and it was a lot of fun but it was a bit much for a kid alone. It's really a fairly performance boat for a youngster (I put a knot in the lead-line for the furler so the kids couldn't get the sail all the way to keep thing somewhat under control). With my daughter now grown, we don't use the boat much but when we do, I get a kick out of it.

My wife still prefers a Sunfish as she thinks the Rumba is too much "work" but I like the boat and it is fun. (Actually, she really prefers the "big" boat as with that, all she has to do is steer, which she can do without getting soaked--most of the time!)

Thanks a ton! Just want to make sure I'm not "downgrading" to a lesser boat by moving to the Rumba.

I need one more thing, hopefully someone can help me out here. See, my boat, for which I paid only $50, is missing the boom. I'm going to have a proper one bent out of aluminum tubing, but I need the dimensions. If somebody could provide accurate dimensions of the thing, that would be extremely helpful in my quest to get this thing on the water! I thought of two ways to measure it: either measure the distance between the ends (long side of the triangle) and then the other two sides by means of lashing on broom handles (or the like) to bring the roughly ninety degree angle to a point, or simply accurately measure the distance of the long side as well as the two angles. Either method will provide me with what I need to come up with a new boom. Thanks in advance to whomever can do this for me!
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