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Re: Lifeline Batteries

Originally Posted by btrayfors View Post
mitiempo was being nice!

This is just plain WRONG. Let me spell that: W R O N G

There is no earthly reason why start batteries need to have an amperage capacity anywhere near the house battery bank.

Especially not with EchoCharge or DuoCharge technology, or even with some of the other methods of "combining" batteries.

One poster on these Boards has 10, count 'em, 10 4-D batteries aboard, total over 2,000AH capacity. I'm just gonna guess that his start battery isn't anywhere near 2,000AH capacity!

Thank you Bill !

So much info stated as fact on the net that is nowhere near the truth...

We have a 375Ah house bank, 3 group 31's, and 65Ah start/reserve bank a single group 24. They are CHEAP batteries (Wal*Mart) and are in their SIXTH season performing EXCEPTIONALLY well.

You can see the details of just how well here: 5 Year Wal*Mart Battery Observations

They are the "wrong sizes" and have been charged by, gasp, a DUMB regulated alternator, solar and charge combined with a Blue Sea ACR. They have literally THOUSANDS of "combined" hours on them due to the solar array and currently over 700 hours of alternator charging.....

I guess I better write them off now cause they simply won't work together......

On the topic of AGM I don't know very many of my customers who've got 6 good years of service from them but I have lots who've exceeded 7-10 years with deep cycle wets, GEL's too...

My average AGM bank life expectancy, here in Maine, spread over many customers who have them is about 2-4 years, though I do have a few who exceed that and they tend to do very shallow discharges and are then back to full within 24-48 hours....

I am very interested to see how the 4 customers I have with Odyssey AGM's do. The oldest bank is now in its third season.. These are very interesting batteries. I ran a 400Ah bank the other day for roughly 40 minutes at a 130A load. I was draining the bank down into bulk range to do a full loaded test of a new charging system and to program the regulator. It was still supporting the load and holding at 11.9 volts at 40 minutes!! I don't see many wet cell banks that can hold that voltage with that type of load for that long without shutting the inverter down on low voltage... Of course I am not jumping in with both feet on the Odyssey's just yet as I got badly burned doing with with AGM technology in general.

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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