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longer than stuff lasts in a frige

I stay away from town for a lot longer than stuff will last in a frige. I sprout lentil's, chick peas, wheat. I make sprouted lentil burgers on sprouted wheat bread with sprouted chick pea humus. It's awesome. I throw some lentil sprouts in the hot pan with olive oil, honey and dryed organic blue berry's and serve on jasmine rice. Living, fresh and nutritous food I can keep for months. Wax Boxed tofu and soy milk. Cereal's, dried fruit. I pickle okra, eggs, I put peppers and green beans in olive oil. I simplify the sprouting process by just throwing the lentils in a cook pot, watering once and forgetting about them. You can run the wheat sprouts through a hand cranking food grinder and it comes out as dough. I have a solar oven I made from Sailing the Farm and just put the dough in it. Bread. The list of wonderfull, fresh food I'm eating on week 6 in some out of the way anchorage like Bahia de Ascension in the Yucatan or the Marqueses in the key's, is endless! I've been living a board since I was 8 and inherited the boat when I was 18. I'm 41 now and have never had a frige. Salami's, canned butter from Holand, pastas, sundried tomatoes. Saute' up some canned chicken breast with white wine and garlic. Fresh pickled cucumber. I could go on and on and on about how I can stock my boat with 6 months of great non frige food. Do you know how long a Parm cheese wheel lasts?! I use electricity for lights and......?? music... and a small fan. I use a pump up bug sprayer as a shower and get cleaner than dribbling water from a shower head. I have a 65 gallon water tank under my V bearth, and a 40 gallon one where my engine was. Any plastic gidget gadget that had wires poking out of it has broken and not been replaced. If I can't beat it with a hammer it's useless to me. The more I've gotten rid of, more freedom I've gained and the longer I've been able to stay away from town. I know this bare bones style isn't for everyone, but little aspects of it may interest some of you.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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