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Originally Posted by btrayfors:878302
Originally Posted by sea_hunter View Post
It's always best to match batteries to the same amphr rating. IE a 240 amphr Trojan 6V golf cart battery circuit should have a similar +/- 20 amphr start battery. I prefer to also keep all the batteries the same brand or at least have the same factory settings for charge/float etc. We just changed out our Trojans for 251 amphr 6V Interstate and a 12V Interstate marine start/house battery. This allows the batteries to absorb equally putting less strain on the charging system.
mitiempo was being nice!

This is just plain WRONG. Let me spell that: W R O N G

There is no earthly reason why start batteries need to have an amperage capacity anywhere near the house battery bank.

Especially not with EchoCharge or DuoCharge technology, or even with some of the other methods of "combining" batteries.

One poster on these Boards has 10, count 'em, 10 4-D batteries aboard, total over 2,000AH capacity. I'm just gonna guess that his start battery isn't anywhere near 2,000AH capacity!

I'm not suggesting the banks should be the same, perhaps you should have read my comments without the beerglasses. Of coarse its not to the the total stored amphr, it's to the individual battery. IE 250 amphr house battery, to a 250 amphr start. It doesn't matter how many of each you have or the total amphr,or even to combined voltages, just to a single battery's storage capacity. You could have 2 - 12v starts, and any number of house batteries of any voltages and combined amphrs; just keep each individual battery amphr rating close to the same.
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