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Re: Sponsored travel to Cuba

That depends, Minne. In the 70's a lot of anti-Vietnam demonstrations had the simple goal of shutting down state and federal government activities. When 200 protestors show up at a Federal Building in a county seat and are told they cannot go inside, they sit down on the steps. Oops, no one is allowed in or out, the government is effectively shut down for the day. Gets the FBI really PO'd, too. And it takes time to load 200 "dead weight" protestors peaceably into paddy wagons.

Now let's suppose 500 documented vessels, which by law are empowered to carry mail, come back from Havana. Each carrying one piece of mail and, according to the law, they all sail back to Miami to bring it to a Post Office before making any other stops, inclduing stops for the USCG or Customs. As the USC expressly provides.

Where's the line going to start, and what else will overload and break down in the process?

Can't get 500? OK, how about 200? Got a Customs' dock big enough to raft up 200 boats? Got enough ICS men to walk it? Wanna see Al Sharpton (pick a name) show up saying it is illegal to detain those boaters just because you don't have enough inspectors?

Point being, civil disobedience can still work when the voting booths don't. But it requires large numbers of participants, not just a couple of boats wanting a new view every month.

One definition of a democracy is that it is a place where the minority get screwed. (Used to be the guy who came in second for Presidency became the Vice, but that didn't work out.) Well, it is a tiny minority that want to visit Cuba, but if they use a little imagination and read the rules--there are legal ways to do that too. Heck, you can even become a tour operator and make a buck at it.

Probably should turn this into another "make money while you are cruising" thread!
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