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Re: Mini class Racers

Originally Posted by Mr W View Post
No sailing pictures, but better than nothing!
I think there is a rather new article in Voile et Voiliers, but I´m not a member so I can´t read it (well, I still don´t read french so that doesn´t matter):
Dominique Pédron, constructeur du premier Mini 6,50 à foil : «Sur le papier, un mini à foil est plus rapide à toutes les allures !» - Annonce bateaux - Annonces bateaux - Occasion Bateaux - Occasion Voiliers - Occasion voiles

//Mr W
Thanks W. This thread is becoming a lot better. I really appreciate your contributions. I hope you (G and all the other posters on this thread) can keep up the spirit and the thread alive when I am gone away in a week or so.

I have read the article on Voile and Voiliers (paper magazine) and they did not say much. I found the article you have posted from "Bateau" more interesting.

I will try a short resume:

Dominique Pedron is the chief executive of ISOTOP a very specialized firm the make foils and rudders mostly for racing boats. The guy like naval architecture and in 2008 heard about the DSS system. He had already worked with Hugh on a big racing trimaran (foils and rudders) and appreciated the team work.

In 2009, Pedron, that thought the principle make sense, just for the fun of it started to build a mini designed by Hugh with the DSS system.

This is a very different mini. A regular one has about 3m beam. This one has only 1.85m.

Le DSS foil works inside a waterproof box and move from on side to the other. All is in carbon.

The system works differently from a bulb in a keel. while the bulb on a keel makes force to right the boat, this system holds the boat. Quite the opposite.

Gordon Kay that has a partnership with Hugh says that the DSS boats are not only safer but more comfortable because the foil works like a damper.

Then you have the opinion of tho great NA, Marc Lombard that says he is not convinced. He says that the drag is going to be huge and that the system will only work well in flat water when it is parallel to the surface. With waves there is going to be a strong incidence variation on the angle and the drag will increase exponentially.

Daniel Andrieu, the designer of the Sunfast 3200 is more cautious. He says : he have to try it

Well I would say one thing. This one is almost as ugly has the Raison's bathtub....and I agree with Andrieu : It deserves to be tried even if what Lombard says makes sense.



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