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Re: A blue water sailer that can go in light winds

Originally Posted by RXBOT View Post
You know that Luders hull speed is about 6.5 knots because she has about 9 feet of overhangs so about 24 feet at waterline. Jeffs Farr 38 is bigger,lighter, larger sail area and longer on the waterline. His hullspeed is about 7.5 knots. So if they both did hull speed for 10 hours the Luders is only 10 nautical miles back or 24 for a full 24 hour sail.
Let's go way back,back,back....into the 4th or 5th page of this thread for a minute...where we were comparing the Luders 33 of the OP to jeff's farr 38....yes, the farr does 7.5 hullspeed theoretical while the Luders is chugging along at substantially less....etc.etc, Question for debate: The Luders is showing a motion comfort rating of 34+...twice that of the farr 38 that comes in around 17 and change...what does this mean minus all the formula variabilities...and then is it a yacht delivery...or a single-hander or cruising couple who is aboard...So many variables. I know there is alot of vagaries in connection to sailprocalc or other sites numbers and they have to be taken with a grain a salt..but TWICE the motion comfort? Sure the farr is way out ahead likely in light air...but...but what? A million other factors or, crew, experience of crew, area of ocean where sailing...these would seem to affect things way more than the actual boat differences...that we always seem get get hung up on...and then there's that sea comfort rating disparity... between the farr 38 and the Luder 33... a boat 5 feet shorter and a ton heavier...what to think...the only thing certain is that in light want to be on the Farr....but there's a million other considerations when buying a boat..that the original question by OP cannot be least in this instead the thread becomes another "old boas are better vs. new boats are better" thread....

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