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Re: Barnegat Light vessel lost

Jon Eisberg did a very informative post last fall. I'll copy it here -

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
So much for Local Knowledge, I suppose... (grin) My apologies, I did a rather poor job of describing what I meant, there. I'll plead the excuse of the lateness of the hour of my posting, and the fact that I had raised a glass or 2 too many last night, to the memory of Indy Champion Dan Wheldon...

The outermost portion of the north jetty has been reduced to somewhat of a pile of rubble by the wave action over recent years. For years the light on the jetty had been a more substantial tower, which eventually was at risk of toppling over, and was eventually replaced with a light on a single pole driven into the bottom, rather than mounted on top of the rocks... But, if you look closely at the pic below, you can see it is placed slightly to the outside of the rocks...

Add the fact that the channel normally favors the N side to a considerable degree - there is usually a lighted green buoy just inside the jetties, often placed about 2/3 of the way across the inlet towards the N side... From there on in, the channel run quite close to the rocks, generally closer than the red course line below would indicate...

My impression has always been that as the end of the jetty has been broken down, there is a significant amount of underwater obstruction from the debris extending a bit more to seaward... It can certainly appear that way from the visible wave action there in certain conditions, and friends who fish around the rocks there believe there are rocks that extend slightly further out... I'll take their word for it, I've no inclination to investigate that any more closely...
And lastly the image from the Coast Pilot -

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