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The battle of the stuck nut - today was the day! On the Morganowners group on yahoo I had received good advice. I have been struggling with this watertank nut for weeks! I tried filing a little, then took the 32mm 12 point 1/2 inch socket and my 1/2 inch ratchet which was the closest fit. I took my hammer and hammered the socket onto the nut. It gripped! I needed leverage as the monel tank was flexing up and down, and with the torque - no good. I lashed a crowbar to the rachet I sprayed with PB Blaster several times! I was able to push AND pull! until the nut was rounded off! Not to be defeated my mighty mind formulated a plan worthy of the great Promethius, and the 7 great labors of Heracles! I brought my drill and with a new 1/8th inch metal bit drilled through the nut, then in progressive sizes I finally opened up a 1/2" hole in the nut, then drilled some smaller holes on either side of the nut planning on using a single bare hack saw blade to connect the holes, after sawing and sawing the nut was in half as close to the edge of the opening as I dared because I did not wish to destroy the threads of the tank. Finally the time arrived I hammered with a large flat head screw driver, then used my vice grips as Dad taught me and squeezed, the gap between the halves of the nut came together but the blasted nut still would not move. I grabbed my 21" plummers wrench, removed blocks under the tank to make room and pulled. Half of the nut broke free but the other half was still stuck. I pushed from the other side and the nut finally turned!! half fell out, then I had to unscrew the other half even after all of that. Some yahoo had used a common galvanized plumming nut which was so corroded I do not believe there was any other way short of using a circular saw bit to cut a new hole to get this nut out. Wow, when this was over the forward berth looked a mes with filthy tools, sweat, grime, took a while to get down to shining the surface with some polishing compound and then some polish. Needless to say, I will find a nylon or pvc nut of the apporpriate size and will never ever over tighten it! I don't know who on earth amongst the former owners did this but I would like to give them a piece of my mind. I used my extension magnet to pick up the metal filings and to retreive 1 and 1/2 hacksaw blades from the tank. I will pump it dry - yes it seems to be half full of water (Infact over 4 large buckets full) I put the siphon tube through 1/2" PVC to ensure I got as much of the water out as possible. One sip of that water would drop a man in 30 minutes! When some drops of this sludge dripped on the white fiberglass of the V berth I had to look at my hand to see If I had cut myself - it looked like drops of blood. Not sure how on earth I will ever clean this tank out, not sure I would even want to wash dishes with it at this point. But have it empty now, hopefully it will dry out, I will have to shop for a pvc fitting large enough to fit and will never make it more than finger tight. Perhaps when the tank is lighter it will be much easier to build a frame or support under neath, to locate where the hose to the sink is attached so I can place a new one, perhaps the old one is crimped, or plugged with sludge?? - enough work for one day. Sometimes the simple low tech brute force works after all and in some cases is simply the only way. I did purchase a plastic 6 gallon water tank fits well behind the stairs, perhaps I will make a T fitting at the flipper faucet so I can switch between potable tank water and drinkable water, and just flip the faucet to clean it out after switching to the drinking water? George

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