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Re: Difference between alcohol & kerosene stove?

Originally Posted by UsailIbail! View Post
Thanks for your replies. There is no question that I will be ripping the LPG system out - for many reasons, firstly being availability of LPG worldwide. I plan on departing the US within months of launching and kero or diesel is everywhere. Secondly, I am familiar with many deaths and injuries from LPG - as a full time firefighter I see its effects all the time. There is an entire house missing less than one mile down the street from my home... few pieces found were larger than 4' x 4'!. You can have all the LPG in your enclosed space that you like and you can depend on all the electronics you can muster to keep an eye on you. Salt air kills electronics, LPG kills boats. Don't mean to be rude here... just clear. Forgive me.

Flare ups on the kero stove were always entertaining - but never much more than that.

Thanks for the thoughts on the alcohol stove. The 38'er that I lived on nearly burned to the ground from an alcohol fire prior to my purchasing it. The owner was a world sailor who had a bad day with his stove. He was severely burned in the event. The reason I mention alcohol stoves is only to consider them as a unit to change over to kero. I am wondering at this point if anyone can target that question specifically. Thanks! I hope you don't think I am rude in this post. I am just clear that I love the kero! Yup! I hadn't mentioned that the same fuel line may go to my heater, pending the stove does not have one built in.

Thank you for the first-hand report on the effects of propane. I am absolutely with you there. As some propane-proponent said earlier in this thread, when used correctly propane is 'quite safe.' Sorry, that does not cut it for me! It is my life and that of my family that is at stake, 'quite safe' is not good enough!

The only reason for the popularity of propane that I can see is that it is just as at home. I admit I have used propane, on charter boats where I had no choice, but there is no way I am going to give up my kerosene stove on my own boat.

Finally, to your question: The answer is an unqualified YES. If you have a pressurized alcohol stove (we are obviously not talking about the wicked versions), the only thing you have to change are the burners. I have a converted pressurized alcohol stove myself that I run for more than 10 years now.

And, for the nay-sayers, a properly tuned and operated kerosene stove does NOT smell. And even though kero (paraffine, jet fuel, ...) is available world-wide and incredibly cheap, this is not the reason why I use it, it is the inherent safety of the fuel.
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