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Re: Solar power ~ no more running the engine

Originally Posted by DavidB.UK View Post
I know there are lots of threads on solar power but some are quite old and of all of the threads I have read I am still yet to find an answer to the following question...

Has anybody (full-time) liveaboard managed to use solar power for ALL of their live-aboard power needs.

Computer+lighting+ refrigeration+Nav lights+water pumps+radio+etc

Basically, can it be done?
Has it been done?
How was it achieved?
I am yet to be a live aboard with solar but I do know about amps and that is basically what your going to be breaking everything down to. Also it will depend on specific equipment as well, an old fridge box will run 80-120ah a day. A newer fridge box will run 30-60ah a day and that is if you actually run it all day. most people I know run them only part of the day to maintain the temp. Same thing for the computer. does it require a 1-4amp charger or a 8 amp. with careful planning and a good controller and battery bank there should be no reason you couldn't run it all on solar except for the lack of good sun.
But with that said there is some very awesome progress being made with hydro or tow alternators using some of the same advancements from wind alternators. So even without good sun you could have a way to charge a battery bank. In the event you have no sun or wind you can always follow the old latin rule "Destitutus ventis, remos adhibere"

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