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Re: Furler hard to unfurl/furl on genoa

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
Loosen the halyard and 'spin' the drum by hand .... if spins freely its not the bearings in the lower unit.
Drop the sail and do the same with upper swivel .... if spins freely its not the bearings in the 'top swivel' unit.

THEN ... raise the sail and look to see where the top swivel is - it should (usually) be within 1 - 2" of the VERY TOP of the foil. You can do the same thing by raising the sail all-the-way-up with its tack disconnected .... when the disconnected tack sail is raised there should only be a gap or ~2" between the sails tack and the furler drum connection.
If the sail's luff is too short for the foil which leaves the upper top swivel at GREATER than 1 - 2" below the TOP of the foil, then make up a pendent of rope, etc. to make up the distance (your choice if the pendent attaches to the head or tack of the sail) .... so that the top-swivel is near that 1-2" from the top of the foil. This will create the correct 'lead angle' for the top swivel - the angle that the halyard makes from its sheave exit to the top swivel connection. Your furler manual has this exact angle - called 'lead angle'.

If the lead angle is LESS than whats specified the halyard will invariably 'wrap' and bind the top swivel as you attempt to furl. You can usually see with binoculars the halyard 'toggling' around the top swivel when the lead angle is 'wrong', the halyard is now interfering ('toggling' or 'attempting to wrap around the swivel') with the top swivel causing the apparent 'jam'.
If the pendent doesnt solve your problem ... then you need a 'diverter block' installed at near the top of the mast so that the 'lead angle' is correct.

Rx: If its not the bearings, then assay the halyard 'lead angle' at the top swivel.
I belive this is the case. As a rigger in Miami I installed a lot of "diverter bolcks" on boats to change the angle of the Hallyard to the swivel. That "hump" sound is the top extrusion coming free of the hallyard.

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