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Re: Any thoughts on a 1970 "Seasmoke" 40' Sloop?

Originally Posted by BillAU View Post
G'day mate,

The Seasmoke's were designed by Samson Yachts, Hartley now sell the Samson plans.
If you're talking about this Seasmoke on YachtWorld, then I think it would be a good buy at $7,500, you'll most likely pick it up for five grand. I only wish it was being offered here in Australia for that price, I would have bought it six months back...Oh well, I'll keep looking this side.
BTW, Colin Brooks has written a great book on FC boats, Ferro Cement Boats, imho, it's a great book and well worth the selling price of $45 Colin Brooks has been designing, building, surveying and repairing FC boats for 35 years or more...Yes, he gets his hands dirty and he's the man I listen to on the matter of FC boats
Good luck with things,

Oh! The Seasmoke...Were I in the States...I would buy it in a heart-beat at that price

Bill, I think you'll find that ferro boats here are not generally up to the standards found in Oz and Europe. There they were largely built by pro's while here they were largely built by hippies & dreamers.

I knew John Samson and Chris Deiner, his foreman when they were in their heyday in production in Richmond. John was an interesting eccentric and a hell of a promoter but he had some screwy ideas about boatbuilding. For example, there is a C-Quin for sale here that they built. It's one of the better ferro boats around but it floats a FOOT or more below its lines. Chris told me that John wanted to eliminate all the areas that could trap water in the hull. He had read about how they would sometimes fill these areas with pitch in old wooden boats so he decided to imitate them, but with CEMENT. You can imagine how much weight it would take to sink a 44' boat a foot or more - Tons!

That was done by the main promoter and one of the better builders of ferro boats here. The ones I've seen from Oz & Europe were to a much higher standard - perhaps only because they were the ones that had successfully made it here.

There are a few well built ones here - I know of a C-Breeze on the island that is very nice and I've seen an Endurance 35 that was indistinguishable from glass but they are the rare exceptions here. Even the better built ones tend to have kinks in the sheer and/or other very basic flaws.

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