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Re: Sailing yacht design

My ideal boat would be very close to the design of the Westsail 32. This is, of course, an Archer, Atkin, Crealock, derivative. Having sailed over 150 boats over 160,000 miles I have found nothing better for what I want to do. By far, most of my experience has been on fin keeled boats. Some cruisers, some racer/cruisers, some racers. As I prefer a smallish boat I have found that when doing long distance voyaging, carrying all that is needed, that none of the modern boats will perform as well as the Westsails in the size that I want.
Admittedly some boats do some things better but none are as well rounded in performance as the Westsail. I am not interested in going larger.
With all that said, My ideal boat would be built using newer materials and more modern equipment than Westsail used 30-40 years ago. Improvements in rigging materials and coring materials are examples. The rudder would be attached with a thought toward hydrodynamics instead of just ease of construction. And a modern, retracting, bowsprit would be handy.
For living aboard,( I did for 26 years), the interior was perfect for a couple. For voyaging, I found the center table option to be ideal, as great sea berths were perfectly located.
Using the newer building techniques and materials, I would reduce the unladened weight by about 1200 pounds but keep the designed ladened weight at 19,500 pounds. I would not add coamings to the cockpit area as many people have requested. I prefer the complete ease and freedom of movement from this area.
For the high latitudes I admit it would be nice to have a 39 footer but at all other times I like the shorter boat.
Why a full keel heavy boat? Because both attributes can produce a level of performance, safety and COMFORT that can not be attained in lighter weight boats when doing the kind of sailing that I am usually doing. And what am I usually doing with my boat? Whatever I want to do.

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