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Re: Question about liveaboard/anchoring regulations

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
The problem is boat bums. Down here in the Key's there are a bunch of drunks and pill popp'n theives living on deralict vessels. They make it hard for live aboard sailors to have a voice. The law's they are putting in place as we speak to get rid of those scumbags is transfering over to us. These people are breaking lose from anchor and hitting power lines or washing up in home owners yards. They are pooping in the water and are basically an eye sore when you look out on the anchorage. Your average land lubber can't see the diff. between salty dude and boat bum. Worse is when the city commision has a meeting to address the issue, those A-holes show up at the court house and protest, doing them selves and those of us who who should be out there a huge dis-service! The cops that enforce the law's are just land lubbers on a skiff for the day, so they don't know what they are looking at when they see it. It's very frustrating.
Your description of part of the problem is one of the reasons I asked the second question. I'm sure there are better ways of taking care of that type of problem than just banning everyone from living on their boat. There are people even as I type this that are living in their campers. Do we start fining campgrounds for harboring such despicable criminals? It just seems that governments solution is to throw more laws at the problem and I'm really curious if other countries do the same or are they more tolerant of the boating community. Judging from some experiences that have been shared in this forum it sounds like the big bully (government) is trying to trample on the little guy without regards to whether or not it is justified.
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