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Re: USCG 2011 Boating Statistics

Originally Posted by kjango View Post
Yeah....that's what I want.....more government intervention in my life . Guess what.....I don't look to the government to instill safe practices in me or even be responsible for my safety . To the guy that equated it with flying with untrained pilots , I suggest you acquaint yourself with the seven universally recognized logic errors . And if you can't connect up dots any better then that maybe you should avoid boats as well.....just sayin
Hate to say it, but that statement is nothing more than a "sweeping gerneralization falacy" Government has institutionalized safe handling practices in almost every human endeavor and those practices have been instilled into your psyche at school, at home and at work and in every product in the marketplace. From the toilet to the daily commute, governments have instilled safety practices from which you benefit.
As regards boating education, training and licensing, governments and NGAs have done much good. Even the Coast Guard publishing of accident statistics works to our benefit. Knowledge is power after all. My critique focused on do nothing programs that create the facade of reducing accidents and are not sufficiently comprehensive to accomplish the goal. Pilot education, training and licensing is pretty much a pinacle program of the Federal Government in this regard, and is closely equivalent to the Coast Guard Captain's education, training and licensing program. But how do you expand and apply that kind of program to recreational boaters? There are many interest groups that will fight to the death to stop any such development.
So, I truly want the government to continue developing safety practices, to publish safety statistics and to enforce safety laws so that serious, motivated and interested parties can institutionalize safety practices at every level of our sport and life style. Just think about all the safety engineering that exists in a modern boat and crew and compare that to the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.
Just sayin....(whatever that means)
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