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Re: 52' houseboat aground holly hill,FL.

Right, tell me to grow up. And ignore the question I asked you, as to how you figure you can bring a piracy charge when the US and international laws say there's no such thing on inland waters.

Florida's Baker Act, for those who don't know it, allows for 48-hour lockup pyschological examinations when someone is acting irrationally or possibly endangering themselves.

If Tex brings enough lawsuits that are thrown out as frivolous...they'll order a psychological examination and lock him up for 48 hours.

Bringing suits for imaginary crimes is a good way to make that happen. Showing evidence of delusions, another way to make that happen.

Tex, I'm not calling you names, i'm just saying that you're throwing around terms that are irrational, and showing an inability to respond on point to any question about them. You can call the judge names too--but act that way in front of a couple of them, and they'll order an examination.

Of course, styling yourself a pirate and then claiming piracy against yourself, that's a pretty rich joke to begin with. Under western common law, pirates were outlawed and despite the 14th amendment, you'd still be held unable to bring charges of piracy against anyone as, as an equitable matter.

Once your suits and delays are formally labelled frivolous (or worse) you may be held liable for court costs, storage fees, and other expenses as well. So by all means keep it up. You've had fair warning you're digging yourself into a deeper hole. Doesn't matter if that offends you, that's the way they're going to read it and play it. Your choice is whether you want to keep on digging. And further pissing off the folks who now hold your boat, ergh, housebarge, along with the courts.

AG's office? No federal jurisdiction. They're just making sure about that, and they'll take their time and make Real Damn Sure so they can put that out in a press release.
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