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Buy bigger or keep "old faithful"?

I've had a 27 ft. Ericson with an Atomic 4 for 7 years or so. Thought I'd like bigger, so started looking. Finally (after looking at a LOT of junk) found one that my wife and I REALLY like.....Bristol 34 in very clean shape. Now the "problem".....should I just stay with what I know or move up? Here's the issues:

Get the Bristol 34:
1. A classic; all the work any sailboat requires will increase its' value (somewhat). Now, all the work I put into the Ericson is like making a snazzy Chevette snazzier.
2. Better sailing capability....Bristol is built like a tank, brightwork like "golden glass", lots more room, diesel (good for resale, but I KNOW the Atomic 4). More stable and better handling.
3. Intimidating (to me). I stand behind the wheel and get the sense I'll be piloting the Queen Mary. I am very good at sailing, and recognize that the feeling will dissipate,'s there now.
4. Time...I can sail the E-27 today, tommorrow etc. Getting the Bristol "ready to go" will take time and stress; time that could be spent sailing the Ericson. It'll eat into a fair amount of my summer.
5. Wife likes the Bristol. Lots of storage, and she's happy. I keep thinking "am I stupid? Go for it!".
6. "Newness fear". As I get older, things that never used to bother me somehow seem intimidating. NO IDEA why. I know I'm not getting stupider. Maybe now I'm more aware of how much I never knew but did it anyway.
7. Original shape and condition: The Ericson has had repaired port-side damage, a replacement mast and extra lead (400 lbs of lead shot) was added to the keel. The "perfectionist purist" in me doesn't like the modifications. But.....the sun is just as bright and the breeze is just as pleasant.

Keep Ericson 27:

1. Very familiar to (anxious) wife and me. I can fix (and probably have fixed) everything. There's that familiar pride of accomplishment.
2. Cheap....we own it outright; But, we're paying $3500/yr. for a slip, so why not have a much nicer "home" on the water?
3. Problems (leaks, head issues) are known. Is the devil you know better than the devil you don't know?
4. Bristol will cost $25K plus bottom paint and solving unforeseen problems. We could spend the same amount of money on trips and eating out. A LOT more relaxing than a new boat, but not nearly as exciting.

I know this is very much a personal decision, but I suspect I'm not the first to be in this position. If you've been there, what did you decide and are you glad you did?

Thanks in advance!
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