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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
One must also consider that since the 'baby boom' generation the level of prosperity and the growth level of 'prosperity' has declined thus producing less 'disposable income', especially for those 'younger'.

With the purposeful pursuit of (by whatever reason) a decreased 'industrialization' and its accompanying lessening of 'profits' producing 'disposable income' in forced decline ... no one should really be surprised.

Id opt that those global areas where industrialization is rapidly growing, that those 'young' people have a greater and increasing measure or percent of 'disposable income' .... ie. sailing, skiing, ... 'leisure time', etc. etc. etc. are on the increase. The 'western world' is now essentially a service (servant) economy or is essentially 'flipping cash', while many other regions of the globe are rapidly expanding industrially and with its accompanying prosperity. The economic equilibrium of 'prosperity' has begun to rapidly shift away from the 'western' world to the 'developing' world. I wouldnt want to be a 'young person' in today's 'western world' with its apparently forced or self imposed reduction of 'opportunity'. From my narrow perspective, 'authoritarianism' and 'mob-rule democracy' usually and historically results in a declining level of the overall/average standard of living ... .
HUH? ..........

No, that's all true, I think the point is to, rather than look at sailing as a past time for the well off, or as "sport" for the sporty, Something for disposable money, look at it as a way of life, Move on to the boat, keep it simple, work in a town with an anchorage. I was making a Sh$t load of daily cash in the bar business. Most people don't belive me when I tell them what I made, and lived on the hook for free, paddled in on an old wind surf board with a milk crate screwd to the back, that I locked to a chain link fence, had a bicycle, no cell phone. I was making white collar money and living a no collar life style. I hated turning 35 and getting serious, and I'm looking forward to going back to that basic way of life. The "real" job I have now pay's less than the bar tending gig. But I have 401 K, health and dental, stock etc. The boat is still on the hook and does'nt cost me a dime unless I want it to.

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