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Re: Best way to go?

there's alot of ambiguity far as "coming down to Miami" if that means spending a few months there while finding a boat and doing some coastal sailing in preparation while reading everything you can get your hands on about sailing..and sailing every minute you arent...and your generally a quick study then in a few months...if you have brass balls.. you might be able to launch for points south...the eastern tradewinds are your friend if you are headed to Brazil...fastest way but roughest is maybe just skirt Cuba and then maybe head for jamaica..then on stop maybe Trinidad...I really don't know..but I doubt it that simple in terms of routing...should be mostly a beam reach south and back though there will be some rough areas of beating to windward at times for sure as theeastern trades don't hardly come from straight 90 degrees....the hardest beat will likely be heading east/southeast from trinidad down around to Brazil...There's alot to learn before such an adventure if you want to be reasonably safe...though..I have been sailing for about 7-8 years and have lprobaby only a 1000 sea-miles under my belt and i am just getting to the point where I would go more than 100 miles offshore in a boat under my own command...the sea is a harsh teacher to the uninitiated...good luck though and think it through..maybe chartering a yacht from trinidad/tobago might be a better plan..That way you have less big ocean passages...but coastal sailing demands perhaps as much knowledge as blue-water if not more...there's just more help available near coastlines..Not trying to put a damper on your idea..but that's a fairly tall order..will require alot of "work"...might be a grand adventure..who knows...might also be a pipedream...sometimes those are good to have too..

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